Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The one where I become a Yogi and rant a bit!

A busy few weeks have preceeded this edition from me my blogging friends so sorry for the gap in news (as an old drama teacher would say " You could have driven 2 buses through that pause!)

I have managed to secure a freelancing writing job where I get paid, yes paid!  Someone is going to part with cash for my thoughts and words and I couldn't have been happier if I was fronting the national news - it is a small and minimally paid step but a step in the right direction.  So I have been researching articles and interviewing potential targets (sorry subjects - I hereby swear to not become one of those hiding in bushes, celeb chasing, phone hacking journalists who misplace their morals on the journey towards getting in print.)  I spoke with a Red Arrow pilot which was very exciting and gave me an excuse to hum the Top Gun theme tune for about a week.  I have also been inspired to get off my bum and hunt for other stories and leads and so have managed to create a long to-do list of articles and pitches - I feel very motivated!

One of my future articles is about Hot Yoga and so I have been partaking in some classes.  This is another reason why these blogs have been few and far between because as any Bikram or Hot Yoga fanatics know your first few classes back leave you utterly exhausted and unable to do anything except sleep!  A Hot Yoga class consists of 90 minutes of yoga in a room at over 40 degrees with 40-60% humidity, its like bending and stretching and trying to put your legs in unnatural positions in a sauna.  You sweat in places you never imagined could sweat, your eyes are constantly stinging as sweat pours into them and at times you feel close to passing out!  I am really selling this aren't I?!!

 A week in and I am finally feeling the benefits -  stretchier legs, more energy and a complete lack of desire to eat or drink anything bad!  Which is more than can be said for my boyfriend who I convinced to come with me since yesterday and is currently comatosed through heat exhaustion as I type hahaha!

A benefit of yoga is an awareness, focus and mindfulness in your everyday life so perhaps this has helped drive me recently.  It also promotes a sense of peace and an awareness of your place in the world something I think could be spread around the country at the moment.  I know I try to make this blog as amusing as possible but I feel the need to comment on the riots this week.  I have friends performing in shows around the country and in London who are facing fear and danger on their journeys home because of some mindless yobs who feel it is their right to obliterate family businesses, homes and buildings to get trainers, phones and just cause chaos.  They say they are trying to get back at the rich people who have things and disrespect them when they have nothing - well all I can say is that these people have things because they have got off their backsides and worked hard, it is a simple equation: you get a job and work to be able to achieve and afford things, you shouldn't expect to be handed anything on a plate or smash up shop windows to steal them.  It is a horrendous and terrifying glimpse of society.

A good example of my musings as I meander away from my topic - sorry! 

So I have also been auditioning for Oliver! where I scared the audition panel as I practically lay on the piano with cockney aplomb and for a new musical called The Fifth Beatle where my Liverpudlian accent went via Yorkshire and Dublin a few times as I attempted to become John Lennon's famous Aunt Mimi - so don't hold your breath for a positive outcome on them!  But you have to love a tryer!

All in all a typical few weeks for me, I am off to eat veg for tea as all good Yogis do (a do-er of Yoga not a fan of Yogi Bear) and batten down the hatches for another night of who knows what.  Keep safe please x

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