Saturday, 1 February 2014

Show the love in February!

We made it through January! Congratulations to all who have survived tax bills, sobriety and the flu! As the calendar turns into February we look towards the festivities that it holds – namely St. Valentine’s Day.  Those pesky red envelopes have been in shops since New Year’s Day; for some it’s a romantic day to break up the grey monotony of February for others it is hell on earth.

When I was a ‘single lady’ (cue Beyonce strut and hand flick) I admit to finding Valentine’s Day a toughie, even now as someone’s ‘ missus’ there is still a minefield of expectation to navigate.  The validation gained from receiving a red envelope stems from Primary School.  Mine installed a special post box for under-age romancers (I presume it was the same one they used for Christmas but the school secretary yanked off the cotton wool snow!)  The popular kids were inundated with deliveries whilst us portly boffins waited expectantly......

Not much changed as I matured; on both occasions that I was in Les Miserables in London, I happened to be single. Note to self – dying every day and wet-wiping fake mud onto oneself mustn’t be attractive girlfriend material. One Valentine’s Day my pitying and coupled-up dressing room pals decided to send me an anonymous card at stage door, only to shatter my dreams of a ‘stage door Johnny’ romancer by admitting it was them before Act One had finished! 

The next time I reached an all-time low, even for me. Our Jean Valjean at the time was overwhelmed with love hearts and gifts from his own stage-door Johnny admirers, he didn’t need them all and so I accepted a pity donation of a dozen red roses.  I sat puffed up with pride on the train home, parading around with the pity bouquet and happy to let other less-loved commuters make up romantic tales of my life.  Pathetic!

There are better ways of dealing with being single on this overhyped day.  There is no point in getting angry about commercialism exploiting societies need for love. Don’t rant at couples through the window of your local chain restaurant; they are the ones eating mediocre steak for £30 a head.  It is just a day and love takes many forms.  A mate buying you a coffee when you’ve been rinsed by HMRC is an act of Valentine’s love.  A grandparent tucking a sneaky fiver into your fist, despite you being over 30 years old, shows they care. My nephew dancing about because he is so excited to see me fills me with more fuzzy feelings than a fifty quid bouquet.

Another act of love is sharing your talents to entertain others; so use this February 14th wisely whether you are single or attached and head to The Alleycat on Denmark Street in London to see the wonderful Katie Brennan perform Still Single: Song of the Single Girl. There may be ‘a million love songs’ according to Mr Gary Barlow but how many songs are there for a single girl? Where better to spend the evening than in a bar with loads of talented, positive people who may even have worse dating tales than Carrie Bradshaw? Check out this link for tickets

and whatever your Facebook relationship status, I wish you a lovely February 14th full of Valentine’s love, in whichever form it may take for you. 

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