Thursday 19 May 2011

Actress, Writer and now Blogger!!!

The idea of turning 30 later this year has turned me into that cliched woman who begins to question things!  Having spent 10 funfilled and crazy years acting I am beginning to crave that elusive "secure" life that I have occasionally witnessed in my friends who managed to become doctors and lawyers during the years in which I was dancing to ABBA and dying on a barricade nightly.  So instead of retraining as someone who can do things with computers which might bring me this security I became a freelance feature writer which I now understand is as uncertain and unsure as acting!  It seems I am destined to follow what I love and never get a step on the property ladder.
But now my loyalties are torn.  Whilst applying daily for writing jobs and dreaming of sitting at a news desk I am still getting called in for auditions for jobs which if I am honest dont't really appeal to me in the same way as they used to. For example,  I am meant to be finding two uptempo pop songs right now for an audition tomorrow but the fact that I am blogging away instead says it all.  But get me up on the stage, as I am currently doing nightly in Hello Jerry! at The Landor Theatre, London and I come alive and all thoughts of headlines and newsflashes are overtaken by tap shoes and jazz hands!
So am I clearly having that 30 year old woman meltdown I read about in magazines, or developing two personalities or have I learnt to love two careers and maybe just maybe I can work out a way of working them alongside one another?

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