Tuesday, 31 May 2011

From Drury Lane to The Daily Planet!

I had a few stressful hours this morning trying to decide what to wear.  Now I know this may seem a trivial and slightly self obsessed female drama especially when compared to the Libyan conflict or Man United losing to Barcelona at the weekend but as they say......it's all relative.
You see I needed to wear an outfit that would encompass the 2 persona's I had to inhabit today - the actress had an early morning singing audition for Oliver! and the journalist had her first day doing work experience at The Richmond and Twickenham Times which meant I needed to look part Dickensian wench and part Lois Lane.  So....long skirt with bustle combined with a tailored jacket and dark rimmed glasses or trench coat with a wenchy corset underneath????  Not an easy combo, so I decided to put on what I wore yesterday and spent the time more wisely eating breakfast.

The audition was a quick "in, out shake it all about" 3 minute songfest which left me plenty of time to feel nervous before entering the NewsQuest offices in Sutton where The Richmond and Twickenham Times, The Surrey Comet and other local Guardian papers are compiled.

I had that first day of school feeling as I clutched my electronic entry guest pass and got introduced to all the editorial writers in the large open plan office who were working hard to get to the 5pm deadline for all of the weekly tomes.  But I quickly got settled at a computer and started to work my way through a to do list.
We are on the tenth floor with a birds eye view of South London and Surrey and in the afternoon sun even Croydon looked quite lovely!  If I squinted I could pretend I was Carrie Bradshaw in her Vogue office looking out onto New York's skyline!
But enough daydreaming (I am ridiculously girly today, sorry) I also had deadlines, interviews and copy to do.

I researched some preview articles for upcoming music and theatre gigs in the area, it's fun to have all the information and try to fit it into the word limit.  I mean could you surmise all the wonder of Roary the red race car and his live show coming to Wimbledon in 50 words?  I also did a telephone interview with a classical guitarist called Richard Durrant who is bringing his new solo show to The Rose Theatre Kingston, whose passion for his craft was infectious and made it easy to create 400 words of copy about his new album and tour.

I did enjoy focusing on writing today although I received an email half way through the afternoon about a panto audition next week which awoke my actress brain for a few seconds.  But I must say I found it pretty hard sitting in front of a computer screen all day, my head feels all scrunchy and tired and had to resist the urge to stretch my leg above the computer desk a few times as I'm not used to being cooped up!  I am sure I will get used to it and if not the beautiful evening cycle ride I have just taken around Bushey Park with the deers seems the right antidote to a day of sitting.

So tomorrow I'm back on the commuter trains to get to my desk by 9am and chase up some more interviews and press releases dressed purely as "Lois Lane" Daniella, hmmmmm where can I find a trench coat by then.........

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