Thursday, 2 June 2011

The One where Daniella was a Spy! *

I can't enthuse enough about my last few days working at the newspaper, I have a spring in my step and I don't think its purely down to the relief of getting up after 8 hours in front of a computer. 

Yesterday I must have written over 8 articles of varying lengths for various papers and even though my fingers barely stopped typing, I loved it!  This company owns so many titles that the to do lists are endless.  I covered music gigs, theatre, summer opera and concerts and today I wrote about nuclear weapons and interviewed the most chatty musician EVER!

Now I love passion in a person, in fact I think life isn't worth living without it.  Whether its for world causes, your art or even my wonderful brother-in-law and his boilers but I feel passion is vital.  However, this belief was slightly shaken 20 minutes in to my phone interview with this musician (who shall of course remain nameless) when all I had asked was one question and then proceeded to go "mmmmmmm" at regular intervals.  I didn't have the heart to tell him that I was only assigned 150 words for his story so on and on he went!

But the best part of today was my afternoon task of becoming a " spy".  I wish I could say I was uncovering some great scam or busting a drugs ring but I would of course have to kill you and in all honesty it's slightly less highbrow.  On the websites for these papers there is a  highly successful section called the pub spy, where journalists visit local pubs and deliver their verdicts in an honest yet witty way.  So it was my job to hit Surbiton today armed with a £5 budget and notepad and a surprising desire for a glass of wine at 4pm.

Unfortunately before I was given this mission, I had made the healthy and sunny decision this morning of cycling to the office so I sauntered into my unsuspecting public house adorned in lycra complete with helmet and wicker basket.  I kid you not.....I couldn't have stood out more if I wore dark glasses, black moustache and watched behind two peep holes in a newspaper!  But hey I've heard you can carry anything off with confidence so in I strode!

I sat writing notes on atmosphere, decor, clientele, music and booze whilst nonchalantly sipping my drink and had a great chat with Frank the friendly barman who was unaware of my undercover status!  What a brilliant way to end your working day.

I am literally buzzing from these days at the newspaper (not from the glass of wine I grant you!)  If you remember a couple of posts ago I said as soon as I stepped on stage all thoughts of writing left my head and heart but now as I write every day and feel myself getting more confident all thoughts of characters and jazz hands have vanished.  I am fickle soul!

So I'm off to apply for more full time journalism jobs in the hope that this could become my reality in the future and if not I shall I have to settle for being a lycra clad spy, watch out 007!

* apologies if I have offended any copyright rules regarding stealing titles from Friends episodes!

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