Wednesday 22 June 2011

Busy doing nothing.....

My name is Daniella and I am a failed bloggaholic.  Phew, now it is out in the open!  I wanted to be writing on here regularly but I seem to have stumbled at the first post by being busy and suddenly two weeks have gone past.

I have been busy doing nothing really, teaching, writing new articles with the odd pantomime audition thrown into the mix.  I didn't think my boring everyday-ness would interest anybody - but isn't that the whole point of a tell people all the inane details of your life?

I'm going to get the auditions out of the way first; if I have to sing one more sweet yet strong with a hint of Disney song in a floral frock I may cry.  I am not belittling pantomime at all, it is a fabulous job to do.  You work your socks off with generally lovely people knowing that you are delighting children and maybe giving them their first experience of live theatre.  This is great at Christmas time but it is June!  Actors cannot plan for next week let alone six months away.  What if Trevor Nunn calls and offers me Ophelia in his next production of Hamlet?  I'd have to say "Sorry Trev but I am committed to playing Princess Fiesty McPretty in Rhyl so not this time but please keep my CV on file!"

I suppose I am just stroppy because it reminds me how quickly this year is going and how these are the only auditions coming my way at the moment but hey I won't moan I shall dwell on that little chestnut in my own darkened room of angst!

I have come to believe that a major part of maintaining an acting career is to be good at being OUT of work.  Keeping yourself busy, positive and in the healthy half of your bank account.  I nearly always still fail at this but I can still believe it!  After trying numerous bar, waitressing and temp jobs I, like many of the acting sort, have fallen into teaching.  Teaching music and acting to all ages from babies to teens.  I get to use some of the skills I trained in but it is hard trying to drag myself out of bed some  mornings.  Without wanting to be controversial - I can why some children's TV presenters have needed a stimulant or two, it is jolly hard maintaining that bouncy energy and beaming smile for 8 hours a day, it makes the Mamma Mia megamix seem like a walk in the park!

I do enjoy it although I have yet to become an accomplished inspirer of children.  I must admit to the odd occasion of staring blankly out of the window whilst shaking my tambourine to Suzy Snowflake for the 8th time or to yelling in desperation to a group of hyper 2 year olds "I refuse to shout because I have to sing tonight!"  Which resulted in a delightful email to my boss from a disgruntled parent "...I don't care what she does in her spare time.." Um spare time?  I was in Les Mis at the time. yes I know I probably shouldn't have expected toddlers to care about nodules but I'd like her to tell Sir Cameron that his biggest hit is a mere hobby!

The worst problem with teaching is trying to remember everyone's name.  I sing a hello song to every baby and toddler in my music class and there has been many a time when I look at another cute blonde girl and my mind goes............sorry indignant Mummy from Marylebone but I teach 50 other little darlings who look just like your Kara, sorry Karla, no, Kylie AAAAARGH!  And as for the twin boys I teach, well I am hopeless.  Although yesterday, lets call him M had sick down his t-shirt and T (aren't I diplomatic?!) had a cold so it made my margins for error slightly smaller.  As I knelt holding an animatronic Wolf with T listening intently by my shoulder I suddenly heard Atchooooooo!  and splat, I was soaked in snot.  Oh god I didn't dare inhale, doesn't he know I have a We Will Rock You audition in 7 days???  Fighting every urge of my being not to throw him against the nearest wall and quickly anti-bacterial wipe my arm I had to turn to his soggy, crusty face and smile "Aaaaw whoopsie! Bless you!" as his Mummy smiled on.  I am getting a flu jab ASAP!

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