Thursday 10 May 2012

Rainy days and Sundays always get me down.....

Well, the Sunday part of that quote isn’t quite true; it is my one day off from work and the tour so I actually live for each Sunday and the promise of seeing loved ones but rainy days do get me down.  At the risk of being quintessentially English and at a loss for things to say (a great trait in a writer I hear you scoff!) I am mentioning the weather.  Everybody else is; droughts, hose pipe bans, torrential rain for weeks and a tornado north of Oxford!  I saw that one on the news on Monday, there must be a very confused girl in gingham with pigtails having landed in Sunderland lamenting “Toto, I don’t think we’re in Banbury anymore!”

We all thought Spring had sprung but it has sprung a leak and I have to admit it has made me lose my touring mojo.  A fellow cast member and I reflected on this as we went for a run yesterday (in the rain) realising we hadn’t been sightseeing in the last few weeks or made the most of the cities we’ve visited.  I dripped my way through Oxford quite glad at the respite of spending nearly every day rehearsing inside work and Leicester went past in a grey haze.  Instead of exploring the Oxford Spires or the potentially pretty Victoria Park surrounding DeMontfort Hall I have rediscovered my love for DVD boxsets and crawling back into bed as the clouds continue to batter Britain.  This is not normal me behaviour since I past 25 years old and is quite frankly concerning me.

I don’t think I suffer from that SAD syndrome where people suffer depression during the winter months but I certainly feel brighter and have a zest for life when the sun is out.  Don’t we all?  I tried to fake it with a visit to a sunbed centre which only resulted in a sweatier show than normal and a seriously bad burnt bum-cheeks situation. 

Maybe I am just hibernating and conserving energy for work or maybe I need to google anti-rain dance rituals.  If you see a girl banging sticks and wailing at the sky outside The Salford Lowry Theatre you may want to stay away as I will have finally lost the plot or join in, you never know we could coax out the sun with a group onslaught!  We’re heading to Glasgow next week so we need all the help we can get!

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  1. Your rain dances may have payed of in Glasgow. The short dry spell - well, dry for Glasgow- will again be replaced with the torrential rain that is so common In these parts. Aside from the weather I do hope you have enjoyed your short stay in Glasgow and tried the local "delicacies" or maybe if you would prefer to avoid high blood pressure and a poosible heart attack you could stick to normal food.