Friday, 15 September 2017

A new beginning.....

I went AWOL for a bit. Sorry about that. Life went weird and instead of writing my way through it as I normally would, I shut down, hid under the duvet and put all my energy into emerging out of the other side. And on my emergence I found something great, so I am ready to reset and refresh and I’m starting with a revamp of this blog.

 I was told over the last few years that life isn’t a fairytale, it’s tough and hard, get your head out of musical theatre land and settle for reality. That’s a bit mean isn’t it? And also completely untrue. Because I have learnt that fairytales DO exist but only if you are ready for them. My life turned into the last few scenes of a rom-com last year when I met my now husband; we courted, got engaged and married in such a joyous haze that I had to admit that every novel, film and poem I had read about love at first sight and ‘the one’ was based in truth. With all that feet sweeping and cloud 9 living, my writing got lost; angst is a wonderful muse whereas happy endings just seem like bragging.

So as I mature into this new role as fully fledged grown up I find my desire to create catch light again. ‘Rewriting My Fairytale’ is a nod to my hopes for that perfect life and enjoying the adventure when you truly become the leading lady of your own story. 

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